General Grammar Quiz (Beginning Level)

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This quiz is for beginning level. Try it and share to your friends now!


#1. You must not ... the animals in the zoo.

“Must” has to go with “infinitive verb”.

#2. Yesterday, she ... flowers on the way going back home.

This is Simple Past Tense because we have “yesterday” as an indicator. Therefore, we can’t use “buys” or “buy” (simple present), nor “are buying” (present continuous) or “went” (past). That leaves “bought” as the correct answer.

#3. James looks a lot ...than you.

“than” is the indicator of Comparative, and that leaves “older” the correct answer.

#4. She ... for her family every morning before going to school.

This is Simple Present Tense because we have “every morning” as an indicator. Therefore, we can’t use “cooked” (past simple) or “cooking”. That leaves “cook” and “cooks”. Because the subject is “she”, we have to use “cooks”.

#5. He failed the exam ... he didn't study hard.

“despite” and “so” don’t fit the context here and don’t make sense. That leaves “because” the right answer.

#6. English is an ... language and also an important subject.

Here we need ad adjective. Gerund is used to describe a subject. “Interested” is used to express humans’ feelings while “interest” is a noun, and thus a wrong answer.

#7. The vacation is coming, so I ... to the beach next Sunday.

This is Simple Future Tense because we have “next Sunday” as an indicator. Therefore, we can’t use “had gone” (past perfect) or “have gone” (present perfecr) or “went” (past). That leaves “will go” as the correct answer.

#8. She stayed up late, ... she couldn't wake up early.

“because”, “as” and “since” are interchangeable. They don’t fit the context here and don’t make sense. That leaves “so” the right answer.

#9. She had a call and left immediately when we ... the film.

This is Past Continuous Tense because the context describe an action “watching film” was interrupted by other actions “she had a call and left”. Therefore, we can’t use “are watching” (present continuous), nor “will be watching” (future continuous). That leaves “was watching” and “were watching” as the correct forms of answers. Because the subject are “we”, “were watching” is the correct answer.

#10. We all played cards and I was the ....

The subject here is “I” so there should be a noun that describes the subject. That leaves “winner” the right answer.

#11. I bought you a birthday card ... I like you.

“While” doesn’t make sense in this sentence and it is also grammartically wrong. Nor does “why”. That leaves “because” the right answer.

#12. He never goes to sleep early, ... he?

If the main verb does not have an auxiliary verb, the question tag uses do, does or did. That’s why we can eliminate “wasn’t”.This is present tense, we can not use “didn’t”. “He” is singular, then “doesn’t” is correct.

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