Git – How to solve “exceeds Github’s file size limit”

1. Install Git Large File Storage (git-lfs)

Download and install git-lfs

2. Setup Git LFS for your account

You only need to run this ONCE per user account:

git lfs install

// Updated git hooks.
// Git LFS initialized.

3. Enable large file on your repository

First, cd to your git repository, run migrate command and include your large file type (You may have to answer Y(es) for some questions). Here I enable .pdf files, replace it by your file type:

git lfs migrate import --include="*.pdf"
// migrate: override changes in your working copy? [Y/n] y
// migrate: changes in your working copy will be overridden ...
// migrate: Fetching remote refs: ..., done.                                                           
// migrate: Sorting commits: ..., done.                                                                
// migrate: Rewriting commits: 100% (3/3), done.                                                       
//   dev                       3eb3848335ed97e89c501effd4ce09a32175904d -> 2d08cf46583054a86176e5866eb3e21b7ae71663
// migrate: Updating refs: ..., done.                                                                  
// migrate: checkout: ..., done. 

4. Commit and push your file(s) again

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